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SEO is easy

This is one of the most talked about subject on the internet and although it seems complicated it is easy. Most web designers and SEO professionals are like magicians, they don’t want to talk about what they know. Website design companies think that if they keep it all a big secret then (a0 you will pay more for the SEO service or (b) they can do nothing and still charge you for the website changes they are supposed to be making. That’s where we are different, we want you to know what to do yourself (if you want to, that is) so you can SEO your own site. Or if you want us to SEO your site for you and have regular SEO strategy meetings then you have that option as well. But let me let you into a big secret, there is no big secret. Search engine optimisation is about writing good text (or copy), making sure the pages are constructed properly, using meta data, alt tags and links… there are a few other minor things that help, but if you get the basic right the rest are just small tweaks.

If you want to know more or have a site that won’t move get in contact, we will be glad to help.

My top tip is get busy, Google love busy sites.

Alex Russell


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