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If you are like me and you want to kick the New Year off with a bang you are most probably wanting to get the order book filled with new clients. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of doing this is via your blog posts. Why? Well it is quite simple, Google loves new, relevant, well written content, it’s just the way it’s built. When Google spiders (scans) your website it will look for new content, the more regularly it finds new well written content, the higher it rates your site.

Bloggers be careful… there are no shortcuts. You maybe thinking “Well I will go off to a great blog page and plagiarise someone else’s content. Don’t, not only is it illegal but it is also not going to do you any good. You see, Google isn’t the biggest and most widely used search engine just by chance. They have very sophisticated semantic software that will spot copies and replications even if you change the odd word here and there. This doesn’t mean you can’t read an article and then write your own version, or write an opinion on an article or subject you are interested in. That’s what most bloggers do. The truth is there is very little truly new content. Take the News for instants, I watch BBC, Channel 4 and 5 most nights. They all report the same story, and pretty much in the same way. This is because the story is the story, they may have a slight difference in opinion on it but they really deliver the same words in different variations… their own words, and that is the key, write in your own words.

Happy blogging!

Alex Russell
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